Patient safety redefined. Digitised, personalised and optimised.
Patient safety redefined. Digitised, personalised and optimised.

About Us

We founded Axian because we believe that when it comes to patient safety, “ticking a box” isn’t enough. We want to help the pharmaceutical industry deliver better healthcare outcomes, and we do this by changing how information is provided to patients and HCPs.

We understand that each “stakeholder” and “end user” is a person with their own priorities and preferences, which need to be taken into account when designing any successful safety intervention.

We believe that data plays an important role when it comes to designing initiatives and reviewing their effectiveness. We understand the need for privacy and that this should be captured and handled in a safe and effective manner. We also believe any results or insights should be placed within a broader context, as it only forms part of the puzzle.

Synergy and collaboration are central to everything we do, and we hope to see this reflected in how the industry works with regulators, HCPs and patients.

Our Team

Jason Gay, Head of Engineering
Head of Engineering
Steven Wells, Consultant
Marie Claire-Wilson, Engagement Manager
Engagement Manager
Cherre Northfield, Senior Associate
Senior Associate
Patrick Ooi, Graphic Designer
Senior Creative
Matt Aspinall, Head of Digital Delivery
Head of Digital Delivery
Giles Thurston, Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Andrew Hobbs, Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Jon Mann, Solution Architect
Solution Architect
Stacey Allan, Senior Associate
Senior Associate
Senior Software Engineer
Marianne Cassidy, Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Mark Perrott, Managing Partner
Managing Partner
Chris Powell, Solution Architect
Solution Architect
Alison Maynard, Head of Finance
Head of Finance
Simon Ingate, Engagement Manager
Engagement Manager

Our Ethos

We have worked as a team to develop an ethos, which clearly defines how we work both together and with our clients, and also how we impact our communities and the environment.

Working with clients

  • Our client relationships are based upon mutual trust and respect – we work together to innovate and test our ideas.
  • We are fun and approachable, but we deliver serious results. We challenge our clients and enjoy being challenged by them too!
  • We feel we’ve been successful when our clients consider us part of their team.

Working together

  • As a team we are open, honest and respectful.
  • We are all different, and everybody has a valid opinion and a contribution to make, both to the team and our clients.
  • We step up and take on responsibility.
  • We celebrate the highs and navigate the lows together. 

Impacting our communities

  • Together with our clients, we look to push the boundaries, helping to improve healthcare systems and patients’ lives around the globe.
  • We seek to have a positive impact in every respect.  We proactively support initiatives that help our local communities, as well as those that work to protect the planet we all share.

Contact Us

  • The Bradfield Centre
    184 Cambridge Science Park
    CB4 0GA
    United Kingdom