Patient safety redefined. Digitised, personalised and optimised.
Patient safety redefined. Digitised, personalised and optimised.
Case Study

Can we digitise controlled drug distribution?

Current situation

Everybody loves efficiency so we were very happy to help this client streamline the controlled distribution process for their products. The existing paper-based system required healthcare professionals to fill out physical certificates and send them off to the client for processing before they were able to access the products. We helped our client to modernise this operation by creating a digital risk management portal for them.

example flow chart


The portal allows HCPs to submit the material required for controlled distribution and also provides them with access to digital versions of education materials.

However, the ability to complete these certificates and send them directly to our client presented a challenge. Obviously we couldn’t allow just anyone to register with the portal and potentially spam the client’s systems. The solution was to integrate with a national database of HCPs to verify their identity before registering with the portal. Once we had implemented this security measure the digital certificates were ready to be completed!

End product

Physicians can also view a dashboard which keeps a record of their submitted certificates. In a future version of the portal, the dashboard will also allow them to update the patient’s information (e.g. if they switch to a different product) to keep the client in the loop with how their products are being used.

Thanks to the success of the pilot system the improved version of the portal is now in development and will soon be rolled out to an additional four countries.

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