Patient safety redefined. Digitised, personalised and optimised.
Patient safety redefined. Digitised, personalised and optimised.
Case Study

How can we support healthcare professionals with complex dosage calculations?

The challenge

Axian’s client launched a drug where the dosage calculations are unusually complex. The client asked us to devise a way to support healthcare professionals with dosage calculations. As a dosage calculator is classified as a Grade 1 medical device, our solution had to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

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We built a website that rapidly calculates the required dosage of the drug, minimising the likelihood of human error.

For existing patients, the healthcare professional selects “Ongoing Dosage”, enters basic details, and the website calculates the optimal dosage and the amount required from the pharmacist.

For patients new to the drug, the healthcare professional selects “Introductory Dosage”. This provides a schedule of gradually increasing dosages so that the patient can start at a low level and increase it to find the optimal amount.

The website provides a prescription that the healthcare professional can easily share with the patient by email or as a printed version. It also hosts digital education materials to improve healthcare professionals’ knowledge of the drug. The client has rolled the website out across Europe.

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