Patient safety redefined. Digitised, personalised and optimised.
Patient safety redefined. Digitised, personalised and optimised.
Soumya Krishnamurthy, Software Engineer

Soumya Krishnamurthy

Software Engineer

Soumya joined the Axian Engineering team in January 2021 as a Software Engineer. She has degrees in Electronics as well as Business and has lived in five countries. Her experience includes roles in software engineer, web marketing (as part of Master’s degree) and testing/QA. She started her career modelling and testing video processor components using SystemC / C++ on Linux while overseeing the team co-ordination between India and France. More recently, she has completed projects in data science and machine learning.

She took a break from software and worked as a teacher in Cambridge, UK and Boston, USA for several years working with international students and designing courses for a wide range of subjects. She has mentored many students to adapt to universities in the UK starting with UCAS application process.

Her favourite quote is “I took the road less travelled by and that has made all the difference”.